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Imagine a future free from plastic pollution. We're making it possible with our innovative bioplastics and biocomposites.

Reduce your environmental impact and create sustainable products, all at an affordable price. Our earth-friendly materials are the perfect way to replace traditional plastics. You'll benefit from a smaller carbon footprint and a greener reputation, without breaking the bank.

This rewrite emphasizes the customer's perspective, highlighting the key benefits of using bioplastics and biocomposites:

  • Environmentally friendly: Positions the product as a solution to plastic pollution.

  • Cost-effective: Addresses the potential concern of affordability.

  • Sustainable products: Appeals to the customer's desire for eco-friendly options.

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Connects the product to the growing trend of sustainability.

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Humanity is Under Unprecedented Crisis

Did you know that around 500 billion plastic bags worldwide find their way to landfill sites every year? That’s equivalent to almost 1 million plastic bags every minute! Plus, on average, an American weighs 218 pounds of plastic every year. These numbers are daunting. Some of them break down into tiny toxic particles, contaminating our soil and entering our food chain.

Every plastic bag we use damages our environment,  suffocates our rivers, and pollutes our sea, posing a threat to animal and human survival.


Plastic's Toxic Footprint

Plastic bags have been perceived as convenient and cheaper; however, things are not as rosy as they seem.


  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Make this the first point to emphasize its immediate impact.

  • Made with Renewable Resources: Highlight the sustainability aspect.

  • Compostable Options Available: Specify that some products are compostable for a more eco-conscious audience.

Seamless Switch, Sustainable Impact

Our materials perform just like traditional plastics, so you can adopt a greener solution without disruption or added costs. Make the switch to sustainable practices effortlessly.

Poses Risks to Human Health

The presence of Bisphenol-A in plastic bags may result in asthma, ulcers, and certain deadly cancers. Also, if the presence of BPA  exceeds a specific limit, it can cause liver toxicity, heart disease, and trigger diabetes.

Difficult to Decompose

Depending on its chemical structure, availability of sunlight, and water, plastic requires at least 400-500 years to decompose. Throughout this period, it keeps contaminating our environment. Even if it breaks down, microplastic reaches water, air, and soil and penetrates the food chain.

Greenhouse Emission

Plastic bags are manufactured using fossil fuels that are extremely harmful to the environment through greenhouse emissions. It’s also an established fact that the presence of plastics in landfill sites also releases greenhouse gases.

Hidden Cost

Though plastic bags appear inexpensive, the reality is different. If you add the cost of recycling, cleaning, and its detrimental impact on the environment, the cost will go up significantly. An average American taxpayer spends $88 annually to eliminate plastic bag waste.

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Stats  Signal a Daunting Future


Metric Tonnes of Plastic Are Created Each Year


Metric tonnes of plastic enter the ocean annually

$218 Pounds

of plastic bags is used by an average American

500 Years

is the approximate decomposition time of a plastic bag

Advantages of Our Biodegradable Plastic 

Choose a reputed compostable plastic alternatives to meet all your packaging needs while moving towards a sustainable future.


Phase-Out of

Single-Use Plastic

The proliferation of single-use plastic is a menace to the environment, and the world is grappling to find a viable alternative. Biodegradable plastic bags offer a sustainable option for managing single-use plastic affecting our world today. As it composts under normal environmental conditions within 3-6 months, this reduces environmental impact and provides a durable solution for shoppers and businesses.


Eco-Friendly and Safe

Manufactured from natural materials, our bags and packaging materials are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Not only do they have extremely low levels of carbon and water footprints, but they seamlessly disintegrate within the soil quickly, leaving no trace of a toxic footprint.


Fewer Landfill Needs

Using biodegradable plastics reduces the need for landfill sites, which can be utilized for more productive purposes like residence or business applications. Also, it reduces the waste management budget of municipalities, which can be diverted into building permanent infrastructure.

Floating Trash Bags

Our Compostable Plastic Products

Hemp Foundation stands at the forefront of sustainable innovation as a leading biodegradable plastic bag manufacturer and wholesale supplier of biodegradable plastic bags with an aim to provide a sustainable alternative to regular plastic bags that harm our mother earth, sea, rivers, and the environment.

Blow Film Grade Bio Granules

Made using agricultural waste are a promising alternative to traditional plastic for flexible packaging. They are made from renewable resources such as crops, food waste, and even manure, and can be composted or biodegraded after use, unlike traditional plastics which can take hundreds of years to decompose and contribute to microplastic pollution.

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plastic pellets from hemp.jpg

Injection Moulding grade 

Potential Applications: Injection molding allows for the creation of various complex and durable products. Bioplastic granules from agricultural waste can be used to manufacture a wide range of items suitable for injection molding, including:

  • Electronic device housings

  • Automotive components

  • Medical equipment parts

  • Toys and other consumer goods

Refined Cellulose

Refined cellulose powder is emerging as a game-changer in the packaging industry, offering a sustainable and versatile raw material for eco-conscious manufacturers. Here's a breakdown of its potential:

Sustainable Powerhouse:

  • Renewable Source: Refined cellulose powder is derived from wood pulp or other plant matter, making it a renewable resource unlike traditional petroleum-based packaging materials.

  • Biodegradable Advantage: Many types of cellulose powder are biodegradable, breaking down naturally under specific conditions. This significantly reduces plastic pollution in landfills and the environment.

Functional Benefits:

  • Strength and Barrier Properties: Cellulose powder can be combined with other materials or treated to enhance its strength, moisture resistance, and even offer gas barrier properties, making it suitable for various packaging applications.

  • Versatility: Refined cellulose powder can be used in different forms, such as films, coatings, or molded shapes, depending on the desired packaging format.

Potential Applications:

  • Food Packaging: Cellulose powder can be used to create films for wrapping food items, trays for holding fruits and vegetables, or even coatings for extending shelf life.

  • Non-Food Packaging: The powder can be molded into protective packaging for electronics, cosmetics, or other consumer goods.

  • Composite Applications: Cellulose powder can be combined with bioplastics or other sustainable materials to create even stronger and more functional composites for packaging needs.

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Why Choose Us


Sustainable Materials

Our eco-friendly compostable plastic bags have been made from sustainable natural products like Polylactic acid (PLA) without using fossil fuel-based polymers. Being a responsible biodegradable plastic bag manufacturer, our processes have less carbon and water footprint.




From design to manufacturing and distribution, we follow stringent quality control measures so you get durable, reliable, and functional bags.


Eco-Certifications and Compliance

We meet stringent industry standards that validate our commitment to producing environmentally compostable plastic bags.




Do you offer any minimum order quantity?

Yes. We are a leading biodegradable plastic granules  manufacturer and wholesale supplier of various biodegradable plastic alternative to fulfil bulk orders. However, you’ll be required to order a certain minimum quantity.


What payment methods do we accept?

We accept credit cards, Visa/MasterCard debit cards, and Paytm (among other online wallets for Indian customers). We can issue invoices per your requirements for bulk orders of compostable plastic bags.


What is your return policy for biodegradable plastic bags?

We accept returns for all our biodegradable plastic bags within 30 days of purchase, provided their packaging and quality are intact.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We are among the top compostable plastic bag suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. It is essential to know that worldwide shipments might be liable to customs, duties, and taxes, varying from country to country. International shipping timeframes are difficult to estimate accurately as many factors are involved. However, it may take anywhere between 5 days to three weeks.


Do you offer customization?

We can manufacture biodegradable plastic bags based on your custom needs, like color, size, texture, and quality.


What type of biodegradable plastic products do you offer?

We offer a wide range of eco-friendly plastic products, . However, we can manufacture any biodegradable plastic granule as per your order.

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