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Men on the Mission

Taking care of the nature

Our aim is simple and clear. We don't want to go to Mars. We want to leave the world a better place when leave.

At Ukhi, we are on a mission to create a sustainable world free from plastics. Being at the forefront of R&D and innovation, we are a pioneer in sustainable chemistry and green innovation in India. 


Most of  time, energy, and capital goes into bioplastic research and development activities.   


Our goal is to challenge the presence of polymer-based plastic on Earth. Headquartered in Uttarakhand, a tiny Himalayan state in India, we are making a silent revolution to serve the global customer base.  

A New Approach To Handling Plastic Menace 

Plastic is nowadays a problem everywhere. From nano plastic particles present in the human body to polymer-based plastic bags in oceans, they threaten our ecosystem's very survival.   


We have developed a unique, low-cost, compostable alternative to single-use plastic using a combination of natural plant materials derived from Nettle, Flax, & Hemp. Our biodegradable plastic leverages cutting-edge sustainable and green chemistry technologies to offer a credible alternative to conventional plastic material that has the potential to replace plastic completely.  




What We do

We produce Hemp, Nettle, and Flax granules that can be used as an alternative to plastic. Our plastic granules are stronger, lighter, and more affordable than traditional petroleum-based plastic. 


These granules can replace traditional polymer-based plastic-making machines to create daily-use packaging materials, such as stretched sheets, polybags, and single-use vacuum-forming products like plates and containers, and do not require exceptional investment by the industry to adopt. 


Our bioplastic granules' use case extends to textile fibers and fabrics in fashion, medical, and other industrial uses. It is compliant with Indian and international pollution control norms.  


At Ukhi, we use a part of our income to support the livelihood of poor farmers and women. Additionally, we support plantation and commercial farming at a large scale to minimize soil erosion and sustain rural livelihood. 

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