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Compostable Plastic Carry Bag Manufacturers

With the increasing consumer boom, the menace of plastic carry bags has threatened the environment and biodiversity. We use plastic shopping bags to carry daily items, including clothes and groceries bought from shops. Now, they constitute a majority of urban solid waste. Plastic shopping bags have resulted in detrimental environmental effects that include choking sewers and water and soil pollution while also containing rivers and streams. 

We believe that it’s a now-or-never moment for humanity.   That’s why we have waged a war against plastic carry bags. We’re not merely biodegradable shopping bag manufacturers and suppliers; we’re climate champions.  

Join our mission to make a greener tomorrow.

Looking for a Biodegradable Carry Bag Wholesale Supplier And Manufacturer?

The Dark Side of the Retail Boom: An Environmental  Curse

People tend to forget the disastrous consequences of plastic bags when shopping in a shopping store's bustling and convenient environment. However, you cannot gauge the damage it does to our ecosystem. Plastic bags extracted from the stomachs of deceased whales in the Philippines are more likely to originate from grocery stores. And if this is not enough, more than 100,000 marine mammals and a million seabirds die every year because of these plastic bags as birds and animals consume them.

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Plastic Carry Bags 

The Threat is Bigger Than You May Imagine

1 Million +

Marine animals are killed because of plastic shopping bags

I Trillion

Plastic bags are used worldwide, as per the UNEP report

1000 Years

Plastic bags take longer to decompose


Why Choose Our Compostable Plastic Carry Bags

We are a leading biodegradable, compostable plastic carry bag manufacturer and wholesale supplier worldwide.


Our compostable, eco-friendly carry bags are made of PLA ( Poly Lactic Acid). It doesn’t have any harmful environmental effects.


Unlike regular plastic bags, shopping bags are made from plants and other natural materials that can be consumed by soil-based microorganisms.

Custom Made

Let us know your requirements, and we’ll deliver custom-designed bags with color and size as you decide.


Our eco-friendly shopping bags are extra durable and strong. They are convenient for shopping stores.

Less Carbon-Water Footprint

Our compostable dog poop has an extremely low carbon and water footprint that makes it an excellent choice for environment lovers.

Social Contribution

Buying biodegradable, compostable shopping bags from us directly helps the poor people of Uttarakhand, a tiny Himalayan state.

Our Compostable Carry Bag Features


Leak Resistant

Our eco-friendly bags help the moisture inside to evaporate naturally, allowing fruits and vegetables to be fresher for a long time.



As the Central Pollution Control Board requires, our compostable plastic shopping bags are less than 20 microns thick.


Durable And Portable

Our eco-friendly shopping bags are robust and lightweight, making them easy to carry in shopping stores.


Biodegradable Compostable Plastic Bag Manufacturer And Bulk Supplier

If you’re keen on preserving the environment, you must provide an eco-friendly alternative to your customers by enabling them to use an Eco-responsible alternative. Our compostable carrier bags can be used in gardens as they completely disintegrate into soil within six months.  They’re made of plant materials and comply with international quality standards.

Say Goodbye to
Plastic Bags

As a top biodegradable bag supplier and manufacturer, our mission is to eliminate plastic. We stand with eco-friendly shopping bags, dog poop bags, garbage bags, and shopping bags to make our planet Earth more liveable and greener. Say hello to eco-friendly carrier bags.  

Business is secondary to us; we take pride in uplifting the living standards of poor people of Uttarakhand. Whenever you buy our compostable carry bags, a part of this income is used to plant a tree and lift the living standards of women in Uttarakhand, a tiny Himalayan state in India.

Be a partner in building a greener tomorrow 

Let’s talk sustainability

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